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TAIWAN EXPO in Malaysia-News List-Taiwan Expo Proves its Reputation as the Ideal Platform  to Enhance Cooperation with Malaysia and Southeast Asia


Taiwan Expo Proves its Reputation as the Ideal Platform to Enhance Cooperation with Malaysia and Southeast Asia

  • Online Date: 2019/07/12
  • Modify Date: 2020/06/02

Penang, 6 July 2019 –  Taiwan Expo 2019 concluded its first-ever outing in Penang today (6th July), bringing a brilliant end to this successful event widely reported by local Malay, English and Chinese media. According to Penang Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow, Taiwan Expo serves as the perfect platform for improving cooperation between Malaysia and Taiwan as well as the rest of Southeast Asia. As it stands today, Taiwan Expo is one of the most important annual trade exchanges between Malaysia and Taiwan, and the turnout for the exhibition far exceeded previous estimation, attracting 11,695 visitors across two days. This year’s event included numerous different themes to showcase the range and depth of products and services coming out of Taiwan in a bid to further improve collaboration. Highlighted areas include culture, tourism, fashion, smart city technology, Industry 4.0, green technology, medical care and halal products.

Cultural Exchange & Halal Products Take the Spotlight

       Malaysia tops the lists for tourists to Taiwan amongst the nations under Taiwan’s New Southbound initiative and is a key target for Taiwanese tourism industry. It comes as no surprise that the scene depicting Taiwan’s Dadaocheng by Taiwan Tourism Pavilion in this year’s expo was one of the most photographed areas of the exhibition. Visitors were also blown away by the intricacies of the sand painting performance as the artist created uncanny portraits using only sand. The Taiwan Indigenous’ Hub brought the event hall to life with traditional music fused with modern elements that wowed the audience with the unique sounds. A beautifully decorated trishaw kicked off the Taiwan Halal & Bubble Tea Pavilion and captured the attention of everyone present. The excitement was further heightened during the halal cooking demonstration by Penang’s very own celebrity chef; the Nyonya foodmade with Taiwanese halal raw ingredients filled the hall with delectable aroma. The delicious Malaysian Nyonya dishes perfectly complement the irresistible halal-certified Taiwanese bubble tea,. This showcased the possibilities of bringing Malaysian and Taiwanese flavours together. The ingenious design of the tea trolley created by the renowned tea brand “3:15PM” has attracted numerous trade buyers to approach them and inquire about their business model for potential investment opportunities. On the other hand, Anyong Biotechnology’s Cells Alive System greatly enhance the quality of frozen seafood and attracted much attention from Malaysian aquaculture business players to discuss further working opportunities. CityQueen from the Taiwan Agriculture Pavilion brought to Taiwan’s unique Aiyu and Abiu fruit that was a hit with Malaysian fruit importers and talks are already on the table to bring the fruits to Malaysia.

World Leading Medical Technology Highly Sought After

       Taiwan Main Orthopaedic Biotechnology exhibited one of the few fully digital smart orthopaedic surgical glasses in the world which received a high number of inquiries. Members from the Association of Malaysian Medical Industries (AMMI) and Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MICCI) also showed their interest for the products and local doctors have even expressed interest to assist in the application of required medical certifications and expressed the desire to become agents for the products. Taiwan’s medical equipment and services are renowned around the world and Alpro Pharmacy, a major pharmacy chain with more than a hundred stores across Malaysia, sent its representatives to explore medical related products at the Taiwan Expo. The hearing aid from DigiMax Innovative that offers user the option to contact professional audiologists from the company to finetune the parameters of the hearing aid to enhance user experience was a true eye-opener for many visitors. Epoch Energy Technology’s Oxy-Hydrogen’s ability to reduce harmful free-radicals in the body also attracted plenty of inquiries and there is a hope to see this technology in Malaysia in the future. Leading Malaysia hospital, the Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital, also entered into discussion with the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital for possible cross border training for its doctors.

Smart City and Green Technology Lead Industrial Transformation

       One of the Taiwanese exhibitors which specializes in smart-system integration mentioned that in the wake of the rapid development of infrastructure in Penang, they managed to secure a potential business leads of around USD100 million after meeting with different business fraternities during the two-day Taiwan Expo 2019. Shiftrewater Environmental Technology received an enquiry on the first day of the expo, and entered into discussion for building a new factory, which worth estimated up to USD 10 million. The glass UV film by Uplus is able to reduce 30% of energy consumption, and Sunreit Group of Malaysia want to introduce this product on its buildings. Malaysia is a land full of shopping malls and the need for smart parking solutions cannot be overstated and the smart parking system by Paking Technology caught the eye of Sunway Mall and Malaysians might get to experience the technology in their favourite mall in the near future. Malaysia is actively pursuing Industry 4.0 revolution and Hiwin Technologies’ highly advanced robotic arm provide high level of flexibility for system integrators such as ASB Welding Machinery which have expressed its interest in the product. In addition, the Penang Foundry & Engineering Industries Association (PENFEIA) is putting its recommendation behind Hiwin’s products and hope to create more synergy which will raise the production capability of Penang manufacturers. Solar energy solution specialist Sunfly-Solar expressed satisfaction for this outing and estimated that it has achieved some USD 5 million in business over the two-day. Of particularly interest is its energy-saving daylight tubular device that has captured the attention of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics and the latter hopes to use the technology in its warehouses.

Fashion and Leisure Products Generate Huge Business Opportunities

        Big Fame Industrial Corp introduced its 24k gold-plated pure copper music box that was a hit with Malaysian dignitaries and ten units were sold on the first day . Taiwanese beauty products that have long been popular with Malaysians also handed in good results and popular makeup artist Saw Hooi Peng shared her experience with the products on her Instagram. Fluxtek Water Purification from the Excellent Taiwan’s Export Processing Zones got in touch with two buyers for large-scale water purification projects, while household hook expert Feca signed an MOU to set up 10 to 15 points of sales in Malaysia by the end of the year. HBello also reported great result from the expo and is already in talks with agent to bring the its products to Sabah and Sarawak with sales expected to be around half a million US dollars. WORLDiBUY from the Taipei Your Partner Pavilion followed up on the buzz it generated during the pre-expo press conference with its popular electronic scarf which should bring business opportunities.

        Many buyers and visitors to the Taiwan Expo expressed their enthusiasm, amongst them are Malaysia’s largest oral care product manufacturer Pro DentalB Sdn Bhd, Malaysia Ministry of Defense, and Malaysia’s largest tea and coffee manufacturer and distributor-STGT.

        Co-organized by Taiwan’s Bureau of Foreign Trade and TAITRA, Taiwan Expo 2019 brought together 140 Taiwan businesses and government departments including the Ministry of Health, Export Processing Zone Administration, the Tourism Board, Council of Indigenous Peoples and Taipei City Government to create this overseas flagship trade fair to promote bilateral cooperation between Malaysia and Taiwan.

        Taiwan Expo has been held 11 times across seven cities since 2017. Cities it has left its mark are Jakarta, New Delhi, Manila, Ho Chi Minh, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Penang and for the rest of 2019, Taiwan Expo will be making its way to Hanoi, Surabaya and Davao as it continues to serves as a pillar in Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy to forge greater collaboration with Southeast Asia nations.